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Disadvantages of Microcomputer

The microcomputer is a computer with a CPU, mouse, keyboard, screen, mouse, etc. This type of computer is also known as a PC or desktop PC.  This computer is smaller than a mainframe and supercomputer. PC is used at the home or in some commercial area. So here this article gives the main key disadvantages of microcomputers to better understand this topic.

Disadvantages or Cons of  Microcomputer:

  1. PCs have low computational power as compared to mainframe and supercomputers.
  2. The desktop has less storage and for storing large data you will need extra storage devices.
  3. If you use a PC for a long time then you will physically affect it like eye strain, neck pain, back problem.
  4. Hackers can hack your computer if it is connected to the internet. So, Your sensitive data can be stolen or a lossy virus attack.
  5. Children and middle-aged users get addicted to games and internet uses. These activate affect their day-to-day routine.
  6. now children can have access to adult content and people can view sensitive content. Which is not allowed by our government.
  7. A desktop PC has a different motherboard type of processor so it is difficult to upgrade a PC for high performance.
  8. Many PC has a low processor that will affect computer performance.

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