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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Some key applications of artificial intelligence are discussed below. Let us check out some applications of artificial intelligence in this article to know more about it. You also check the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence to know more about it.

Artificial Intelligence Applications:

  • Gaming: It is useful in algorithmic and strategic games such as chess, in which the machine can process various potential instances and steps and be able to think laterally.
  • Vision Systems: By visualizing the input to the computer, they can perceive and interpret data.
  • Language Processing: It helps to communicate effectively with devices, especially computers that are able to process and understand the language spoken by humans.
  • Speech Recognition: Few systems can understand the language spoken by humans and reciprocate likewise through understanding accent, grammar, etc.
  • Handwriting Recognition: This special feature allows for the reading and transformation of individual handwriting into an editable text.
  • Robots: Robots are among the most valuable inventions of humans. They are extremely efficient in their tasks because they can do multitasking well and also save time. They have vast memory and can easily adapt to their surrounding environment. Thus making robots able to reap its many advantages and benefits.


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