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Application of Big Data in government

Some of the points Application of  Big Data in government is as follows. Also, find out the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Big Data.

Some points on Big Data application in the government sector: 

  • The government of leading many ICT countries has initiated big data application projects to enhance operational efficiency, some transparency, citizens well being and engagement in public affairs, economic growth, and some national security.
  • Business and government and the research community can all derive value from the massive amount of digital data they collect.
  • government agencies involved in healthcare, such as the centres for disease control track the speed of illness using social media.
  • Big data government can better oversee transportation to ensure better roads, safer roadways, better routes, and new routes.
  • Big data helps governments understand more about educational needs on a local ad federal level in order to ensure that the youth of the nation are getting the best possible education in order to serve the country in the future.
  • Analyzing big data application projects by the government offers guidance for follower countries for their own future big data initiatives.
  • Big data gives government tools to discover more effective ad innovative ideas on how to decrease poverty across the world.

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