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Advantages and disadvantages of waterfall model

The waterfall model is a sequential methodology for software development that splits it into predefined phases. Each phase must be complete before the next phase with no overlap between the phases. The waterfall model was first introduced in 1970 by Winston Royce. The best idea you can get from the below diagram. Let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of the waterfall model to understand more about this concept.


Waterfall model


Advantages of waterfall model: 

  1. This model is the easiest and traditional model to manage. Because of its traditional development nature, each phase has specific deliverables and a review process.
  2. This model works well in smaller size projects where requirements are easily understandable.
  3. This model requires well documentations and design at every phase of a software development cycle.
  4. Easily adaptable methods for the shifting teams.
  5. This project management approach is useful for dealing with dependencies.
  6. In this model, we should perform a quality assurance test OR validation before completing each phase.
  7. The project is completely dependent on a team with minimum client interventions.

Disadvantages of waterfall model: 

  1. This model is a time-consuming process that requires a longer time to deliver the project as compared to agile methodology.
  2. The error can be fixed only during the phase.
  3. It is not useful for a complex project where requirements change frequently.
  4. The testing phase comes quite late in the software development cycle.
  5. Documentation occupies a lot of time for developers and testers.
  6. It necessitates a defined requirement from the start; otherwise, it may result in a less effective strategy.
  7. Once the development phase is complete, the testing phase begins. As a result, there’s a good likelihood that defects will be discovered later in the project’s development. It is therefore expensive to fix.

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