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Advantages and disadvantages of agile methodology

There are many advantages of using agile methodology over the old waterfall methodology. Agile development methodologies have had a positive impact on many firms. In addition, there are two models used in agile methodology one is Agile Scrum and the second one is Kanban. Let us check out some advantages and on the other side disadvantages of agile methodology to understand more about this concept.

Advantages of Agile Methodology: 

  1. In agile methodology, continuous development and delivery of software are unremitting.
  2. Customer satisfaction and software quality is improved.
  3. Product development is fast and delivered frequently.
  4. A face to face communication is the best form of communication that is used in this methodology.
  5. Regular adaptation to changing circumstances thus, even late changes in requirements are welcomed here.
  6. Daily and close interaction between cross-organizational teams and developers help in faster development.
  7. By using this methodology, we gave continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.
  8. An agile methodology can improve organizational synergy by breaking down organizational structure and developing a spirit of trust and partnership around organizational goals.

Disadvantages of Agile Methodology: 

  1. This methodology is not very powerful for small development projects.
  2. The cost of agile methodology is more as compared to waterfall methodology or any other method.
  3. The project can quickly go out of track if the project manager is not clear about the requirements. Thus, it requires an expert project manager to make crucial decisions in meetings.
  4. There is a lack of intensity on necessary designing and documentation.
  5. The resource requirement and effort are difficult to estimate for complex projects.
  6. There is always a risk of the ever-lasting project because of the ever-evolving features.

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