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Devops methodology advantages and disadvantages

A development team collaborates with an operations team in DevOps. Several organizations are considering converting their systems to digital. In addition, the first impact of DevOps can be seen in the workforce through the use of various tools. As a result development time will be reduced, product releases will be more frequent, deployment will be continuous and product quality will be high. So here this article gives the DevOps methodology advantages and disadvantages to better understand this topic.

Pros OR Advantages of DevOps:

  1. It has high productivity.
  2. Product release and time to market are both accelerated.
  3. Process effectiveness.
  4. Production cycles have been shortened.
  5. Improved operational support.
  6. Employees who are engaged and motivated.
  7. Within the team, there is a clear product vision.
  8. Deployment success rates have increased.
  9. Flexibility and support have been increased.
  10. Product failure is less likely.
  11. Cross-skilling and self-improvement are important.
  12. Improved management of the customer experience.
  13. Increased the success rate of deployments.
  14. Product quality has improved.
  15. Increased team efficiency.

Cons OR Disadvantages of DevOps methodology:

  1. Requires a proper mindset throughout the organization.
  2. Outsourcing DevOps operations reduced business security.
  3. Dealing with the legacy system is difficult.
  4. Problems with the number of tools and switching between them.
  5. Transitional difficulties
  6. Security training for CI/CD is a separate matter.
  7. Finding the right pool of DevOps expertise is difficult.

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