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Pros and cons of joining the army as a woman

Joining the army as a woman may be a life-changing decision that must be carefully considered. The reasons for joining or not joining the army are very personal. As a result, if you are considering joining the army as a woman, make sure read all of the pros and cons of joining the army as a woman that is covered in the following article.

The pros of joining the army as a woman are that you will learn new skills, receive training and education, travel, and experience different cultures. The cons of joining the army as a woman are a possibility of being deployed to a combat zone, the strict rules and regulations, the potential for sexual harassment and assault, and the risk of injury. So here are the 10 pros and cons of joining the army as a woman.

Top 5 Pros of Joining in Army As a Woman:

An opportunity to reach their dreams:

Women are no longer expected to stay at home while males handle labor-intensive tasks. Some of them aspire to serve their nation and fulfill patriotic fantasies and the military gives them an opportunity to do so on an even playing field. America is known as the country of the free and the home of the courageous after all. And it would be against this belief to exclude women from army service.

Display female combat skills:

The military and other departments of the government are only now starting to realize that being a man does not automatically make one a better soldier. Therefore, despite the physical and emotional strain it involves, women who want to prove they are just as skilled in fighting as males would adore serving in the army.


Due to its accessibility no matter where you live, the army provides some of the greatest medical care. Knowing that your family’s medical needs are being met and that you won’t have to pay hefty medical costs can be extremely relieving if you have children. Most of your doctor visits, including those for medication and wellness checks, will be covered by the army.

Access to education:

Keep in mind that when women join the army, the tool they need to get an education will be provided, even if they couldn’t regularly afford it. The purpose of the GI bill was to guarantee that they would get money to pay for secondary education while also working. Women can so not only attend school but also work and make a living. Women will find the many benefits and rewards of army service to be highly useful and beneficial.

Provide a constant Influx of recruits:

Why reject a person who wants to serve their country? Any woman who wishes to enroll should be welcomed rather than turned away at a time when serving in the army is no longer required and recruiting has become more challenging. Additionally having personnel of both genders in the military has some advantages. They would also ensure that nation’s army is always prepared for everything if there were a large population of them.

Top 5 Cons of Joining in Army As a Woman:

Lack of physical strength:

One of the main arguments put up by opponents to show why women shouldn’t serve in the army has always been their physical ability. It is true that a woman who weighs 110 pounds and is 5 feet tall would not be able to carry as many responsibilities as a man twice her height. Even running faster than a man this huge would require significant effort. Giving women special treatment is also foolish because Army regulations apply to everyone equally and without regard for gender. Additionally doing so might cause division within a group.

Lack of Family Balance:

Children who lack a mother may have more negative effects from growing up without a father. This makes being a mother and a woman in war incredibly challenging. If a serving woman becomes pregnant while on duty, she will also have to leave behind her fellow soldiers. For the majority of women, finding the majority, finding a balance between family life and army service is difficult in either scenario.

Abuse by Enemy:

Male and female prisoners both run the risk of being tortured and raped, but sexist cultures may be more likely to abuse female detainees.

Career development:

Both men and women are offered the chance to join the army, but with the awareness that various roles call for various physical and emotional attributes. This should mean that there are various paths to promotion so that women have an equal chance of success without having to engage in warfare.

Increased Risk of Abuse:

It is no longer a secret that some military women suffered abuse at the hands of their comrades and other members of their own unit. If they are abducted and subsequently mistreated by the adversary, things could get even worse. Even though some women might be bred to withstand torture, others might not be. When women are captured by foes, in addition to the horrific physical brutality that prisoners of war frequently endure, they frequently also endure sexual abuse.

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