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Military spouse benefits

Numerous benefits come with being married to a member of the military. These are meant to ease the burden of your spouse’s duty on you and make sure that you are both taken care of even when your spouse is not there. Here are a few things to keep in mind as a military spouse just starting off. These benefits consist of.

Here are the listed of top 5 Military spouse benefits:

  1. Health and childcare benefits
  2. Free education
  3. Preference MSP program
  4. Shopping benefits
  5. Military housing benefits

Let’s have a look at the Military spouse benefits and these are as follows:

Health and child care benefits:

In addition to base pat, military spouses receive something similar to shared healthcare insurance. As a civilian or military spouse, you will have access to Tricare, which is the military health care service. Though not technically an insurance provider, Tricare functions in the same way to help service members and other families get:

  • Necessary medication
  • Medical procedures
  • Another important healthcare service

Free education:

You could be eligible for military spouse career promotion based on your spouse’s rank, and the GI Bill may be transferred to you or your children if your spouse hasn’t used it or doesn’t intend to in the future. However, there are some time constraints that you must be aware of. More information is available at your neighborhood fleet and family service center.

Milatary spouse preference(MSP) program:

The department of defense is aware that often moving presents additional difficulties for military spouses, but they are willing to accept them. Eligible spouses of active duty service personnel are eligible for priority job placement in open DOD civilian posts under the military spouse preference program. Visit the DOD civilian job webpage to look through available positions.

Shopping benefits:

A dependent ID card makes you eligible to shop the discounted stores on bases such as the exchange the commissary and the gas station. Some retailers provide military discounts to military spouses as well. It never hurts to show a military ID at checkout and inquire if there is a discount.

Military housing benefits:

Additionally, the US military receives what is known as a basic housing allowance. This is a sum of money that is paid to military members and their spouses to cover all or the majority of their housing expenses. if your partner is deployed and you are unable to follow them. During the time when your spouse is deployed, the military will pay for you to relocate.

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