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QLED pros and cons | Advantages of QLED

QLED stands for quantum light-emitting diode, The display technology appears to be manufactured by Samsung, it is not. Hisense and TCL have their own QLED TVs that will be available later this year. Samsung on the other hand, adds a little spice to its QLED panels, claiming a higher contrast ratio, deeper blacks, and more vibrant colors. So here this article gives the information about the QLED pros and cons to better understand this topic.

Pros of QLED | Advantages of QLED:

  1. QLED based Tvs are not susceptible to burn-in, unlike OLED tv.
  2. It has lower power consumption, QLED screens are two times power-efficient compare to LED screens. Moreover, offer about 30 to 40% improvement in brightness.
  3. Quantum dots used in the construction of QLED resist moisture better and hence QLED products will have a long life.
  4. The switching speed is very fast.
  5. It is thin and light in weight.
  6. Brightness is about 50 to 100 times brighter compared to CRT and LCD display types.
  7. Due to higher resistance to moisture, it does not require an expensive vacuum evaporation process. Hence the cost of the QLED is low.
  8. It is available in higher display size and hence provides more options for the consumers

Cons of QLED | Disadvantages of QLED:

  1. Less saturated blue.
  2. QLED do not produce light by themselves. Instead of QLEDs use a backlight unit for illumination.
  3. QLED based TVs suffer from light bleed effects. This effect is visible in certain scenes. It results in slights haze around bright objects which blurs lines that should be usually sharp.
  4. With QLED based display screen, the best viewing angle is dead center. The quality picture diminishes in both color as well as contrast when the viewer moves side to side or between up and down.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding our article on the QLED pros and cons then do comment in the comment section below.

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