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OLED pros and cons | Advantages of OLED

OLED is an organic light-emitting diode. Because solid-state OLEDs are easier to manufacture, they are easier to manufacture, they are replacing CRT or LED displays due to their flexibility. OLED display are emissive displays that do not require a backlight, making thinner and more efficient than an LCD displays. So here this article gives the OLED pros and cons to better understand this topic.

Pros of OLED:

  1. They are light in weight because they are very thin and small in size.
  2. It provides remarkable color fidelity, high efficiency, and operational stability.
  3. OLED consumes less power and suitable for devices requiring less power consumption such as android phones, portable gaming consoles, media players, digital cameras, etc.
  4. The plastic, organic layers of an OLED are thinner, lighter, and more flexible than crystalline layers in an LED or LCD.
  5. They use wide energy gap semiconductors and exhibit singlet and triplet excitation radiation phenomena compare to LEDs and LCDs.
  6. The OLED is flexible and hence it is very easy to manufacture an OLED display or another OLED device such as mobile phones, cameras, wearable devices, etc.

Cons of OLED: 

  1. Manufacturing processes are expensive right now.
  2. Water can easily damage OLEDs.
  3. It is expensive compared to LCD.
  4. It is susceptible to water and hence it can be easily damaged by water.
  5. OLED screens are even worse compared to LCD when subjected to direct sunlight.
  6. Limited market availability.
  7. Their lifetime is shorter than other display types. White, red, and green OLED offer a lifetime of about 5 to 25 years were as blue OLED offer about 1.6 years.
  8. Overall luminance degradation.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding our article on the OLED pros and cons then do comment in the comment section below.

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