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Pros and cons of freelancing

The decision to go with freelance work is a personal choice for everyone. Considering the pros and cons of freelancing and become a freelancer can help guide you in your choice. According to a UPWORK survey freelancing in the United States of America (USA) 56.7 million people are freelanced. In addition, the younger generations are freelancing more as compared to older groups. Now, we can check out the pros and cons of freelancing here in this article.

Pros of freelancing | Advantages of freelancing:

  1. The people who do freelancing have the unique ability to choose the client they work with and time whenever they are free.
  2. Freelancers have the ability to choose their workload and work as much or as little work as they want to do.
  3. We can see the freedom and workload in the above two-point, freelancers also have the flexibility that the dream for most people. If you want to work full-time or only part-time totally depends upon you.
  4. Freelancing offers independence. You are free from the 9 to 5 work life. You have the freedom to choose your time of work, and doing work where you are most comfortable.
  5. Working as a freelancer open up the work on a variety of projects while working for one company not provide that experience. This helps to create an environment that is less redundant and boring.
  6. Unlimited earning potential where a job provides limited opportunity to earn.
  7. Getting to pursue your passion and become a freelancer.
  8. No office politics and annual performance review.
  9. Freelancing people can get creative and pivot more easily.
  10. You can feel proud of your freelance work success and business.

Cons of freelancing | Disadvantages of freelancing:

  1. Freelancers have the responsibility to paying self-employment taxes and making sure to pay them quarterly. However, the freelancing worker also has deductions that employees don’t qualify for.
  2. The people who do freelancing rarely receive benefits whereas an employee is eligible for benefits.
  3. The main con or disadvantages is finding steady work.
  4. Another con or disadvantage is being a freelancer is that you will ultimately be isolated from a team.
  5. Hustling 24 * 7 hours for a new gig.
  6. The payment often comes on an irregular basis.
  7. No paid time off.
  8. No one is back you up if you are sick or stop your work.

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