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Pros of being a Flight attendant

Being a flight attendant has a tonne of benefits. Everyone is aware that being a flight attendant entitles you to free flights, but there are several other benefits that should encourage you to make this career choice. Let us check the pros of being a flight attendant.

There is a list of pros of being a flight attendant

  1. When you have to work as a flight attendant, your work schedule is very flexible.
  2. You will get benefits from other airlines as well.
  3. For hotels, car rentals, cruises, and other hospitality services.
  4. Best performance bonuses are given.
  5. Stock options and profit sharing.
  6. You earn a very respectable salary. A big generous package of employee benefits.
  7. Airlines cover the cost of your hotel room while traveling for work.
  8. Experience in different cities to travel.
  9. Live where you want.
  10. Your family and friends can fly for free too.
  11. Working with other fascinating flight attendants and great pilots often leads to lifetime friendships.
  12. Overnight allowing you to see the world.
  13. The professional uniform.
  14. A college degree is not required to work as a flight attendant.
  15. Highly respected and admired career.
  16. There is no retirement age.
  17. Never return to your old 9 to 5 job.
  18. The sky above your office is as high as it gets.
  19. You are a winner. The airlines rely on you to represent them.
  20. An exciting lifestyle.
  21. Each day from around the globe, meet cool people. Your days are incredibly interesting, instructive, and fulfilling.
  22. Spend your days off flying for free.
  23. Pick up extra flights.
  24. Trade trips or schedules.
  25. You will earn extra pay.
  26. Indoor work environment.
  27. Physical fitness.
  28. You will have fulfilled your travelling dreams and aspirations.
  29. Your role puts you in a position of authority.
  30. Pay start out pretty lame, but can get pretty good.

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