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Pros and Cons of being a Pilot

Becoming a pilot is a dream for many young people. These dreams may become a reality as kids get older. But, if you are thinking about becoming a pilot, make sure to read all of the pros and cons of being a pilot. So here are the 20 pros and cons of being a Pilot.

Here are the listed of Top 10 pros of being a Pilot

  1. The pilot may earn a lot of money.
  2. Flights are free
  3. Excitement
  4. Flexibility
  5. A lot of job opportunities
  6. Food for free
  7. You are able to travel for work
  8. Respect
  9. Fulfilling
  10. Pilots have an excellent social reputation in society

Here are the listed of Top 10 Cons of being a Pilot

  1. The stress of the job
  2. Your schedule is always shifting
  3. Varying schedule
  4. Training costs
  5. Many pilots have trouble sleeping
  6. Layovers
  7. Pilots are frequently required to work on holiday
  8. Flying training and school may be costly
  9. Pilots are frequently away from home
  10. You might lose your job as a pilot at any time

Pros of being a pilot

First of all, let’s have a look at the pros of being a pilot and these are as follows:

The pilot may earn a lot of money

One significant perk of being a pilot is that you may earn a lot of money. In reality, after a few years of experience, pilots frequently earn six figures. As a caption, you may earn more than 500,000 dollars over time. There aren’t many other careers that pay so highly and if you want to be prosperous or even rich, being a pilot may be the best option for you.

Flights are free

Several pilots work for airlines that enable them to earn flying miles as part of their profession, allowing them to travel on their company’s planes for free when they are not working. Most airlines offer these types of flights on standby, which means paying customers to get to book first, but if there are any remaining seats, a pilot can take one.


Many people choose to become pilots because the experience may be thrilling. Some people may lose the sense of being in charge of an airplane and getting to observe the world from above. They could also like the sense of adventure that comes with being a pilot since they never where they will be headed on their next planned trip. If you want a profession that is often surprising and exhilarating, consider becoming a pilot.


Most individuals follow the same routine of reporting to work at 9 a.m. and leaving at 5 pm. Every day of their life. Not to mention sitting in the same corner office and traveling the same congested road. Pilot,s on the other hand, have variable timetables that include shifting flight routes and working hours. Even novice pilots can take at least 12 days off every month.

A lot of job opportunities

There will most certainly be several possibilities to work as a pilot in the future years. The department of labor statistics predicts that the number of airline and commercial pilot jobs will increase by 13% by 2030. This is quicker than the average predicted career development.

Food for free

Commercial airline pilots are given free meals. Apart from in-flight snacks and meals, airlines may compensate crew members for food expenditures incurred when traveling and staying overnight. That is, some pilots are given free access to local restaurants in stopover cities.

You are able to travel for work

Throughout their careers, many pilots get the chance to travel all over the world. Most work for commercial airlines or as private pilots, flying people to places across the world. This implies that most pilots will be exposed to a diverse range of cultures from throughout the world.


Being a pilot may not carry the same prestige and respect that it formerly did. Nonetheless, pilots continue to have a strong reputation and are respected by both men and women as well as the young and elderly.


While there is no question that the income may be extremely excellent, most pilots enter the field because they enjoy flying and all things aviation. It is uncommon to be paid to do what you enjoy, but pilots are among the fortunate few who can.

Pilots have an excellent social reputation in society

Another advantage of becoming a pilot is that they have a good reputation in our culture. In fact, many individuals look up to pilots and aspire to be like them. Becoming a pilot has long been a childhood goal for many individuals. But just a few of those folks were able to make their goal a reality. As a result, if you arrive at multiple different sites, most people will treat you politely and respectfully because of your high social position as a pilot.

Cons of being a pilot

Now let’s discuss the cons of being a pilot and these are as follows:

The stress of the job

For a variety of reasons, the job of a pilot can be demanding. One of the primary reasons is that you, as a pilot, are responsible for the lives of your passengers while in the air. Another source of stress is circumstances that have no influence over a pilot’s flying skills, such as weather or a technical fault with their plane.

Your schedule is always shifting

Another disadvantage of being a pilot is that you will have not a set timetable. Every day will be different, and your working hours will vary on a regular basis. This implies that you can never get into a normal working rhythm and that your body and brain are always adapting to new conditions.

Varying schedule

Pilots frequently do not work on a defined schedule. This implies that the days of the week they work and the hours they work fluctuate all the time. Having a constantly changing schedule might make it difficult to plan out their personal life. A fluctuating schedule appeals to some pilots because it makes their job more interesting, but others believe it to be a disadvantage. Pilots might strive to add additional flexibility to their personal lives to accommodate their shifting schedules.

Training costs

A lot of training is required to become a pilot. Pilots must visit a flying school to acquire this instruction, which can be expensive. Many people who want to be pilots are put off by the hefty cost of training. While it is expensive, it fully prepares you to work as a pilot. Once you graduate, you may begin working and repaying any debts you took out to pay for your study.

Many pilots have trouble sleeping

Many pilots struggle to get enough sleep because of their unpredictable work schedules. Our bodies and minds are not designed to adapt to new situations on a frequent basis. We require a consistent rhythm for several weeks or even months. As a result, pilots frequently experience sleeping issues, which reduces their general quality of life as well as their effectiveness at work.


Pilots may get the opportunity to spend some time in a new nation or place, although layovers are frequently brief. They have barely enough time to check into the hotel and sleep before their next flight.

Pilots are frequently required to work on holiday

As a pilot, you will frequently be expected to work on a holiday, especially during your younger years. While more experienced pilots may be able to take certain days off, you will likely be required to work on easter or even Christmas and will be apart from your family. This can be emotionally difficult, and it can also cause family difficulties because your children will frequently have little empathy for you in this situation.

Flying training and school may be costly

Many pilots must take out loans to attend flight school, therefore many new pilots are stuck with significant financial debt.

Pilots are frequently away from home

Apart from the numerous benefit of becoming a pilot, there are several drawbacks to this vocation. One disadvantage of being a pilot is that you will be away from home frequently. Moreover, because pilots must fly numerous foreign routes, it will take them a long time to fly their jet to the destination, replace it for a few days, and return. Make certain that you are truly willing to spend the majority of your time away from home before settling on a job as a pilot.

You might lose your job as a pilot at any time

In general, your profession as a pilot is quite dangerous. Not only will artificial intelligence lessen the demand for pilots in the long term, but a growing number of airlines are simply no longer providing acceptable working conditions for their pilots. Pilots’ golden years appear to be passed, and their future prospects do not appear promising.

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