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Pros and cons of artificial intelligence

The pros of artificial intelligence are 24×7 availability, increase productivity and digital assistance. The cons of artificial intelligence are higher cost, lack of creative thinking, highly dependent on machines. There are several pros and cons of artificial intelligence to consider when looking at it as a new emerging technology.

Pros of artificial intelligence

  1. Artificial intelligence reduces the chances of human error.
  2. Artificial intelligence is helpful in repetitive jobs. Effective in daily applications.
  3. 24×7 availability.
  4. Making the decision faster.
  5. It also increases productivity.
  6. Improve security and faster communication.
  7. Useful for humanity and society.
  8. Best research result.
  9. New inventions and digital assistance.
  10. It transforms the healthcare industry.
  11. Does not get tired and wear out easily.
  12. Selfless with no breaks.
  13. Rational and accurate decision-making.
  14. Understanding high dimensional data.

Cons of artificial intelligence

  1. Implement cost of artificial intelligence is higher.
  2. AI-powered robots replace human jobs. That leads to unemployment.
  3. Lack of creative thinking and out of box thinking.
  4. High chance to make humans lazy.
  5. It can not feel sympathy as AI machines don’t have any emotion.
  6. No or Zero improvements with experience.
  7. Highly dependent on machines.
  8. Restricted jobs as they do what they are trained.
  9. It could dominate humans.

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