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Benefits of McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus is quite easy to use. It is clean up your system without taking a heavy toll on your system resources. It is the biggest advantage its personal firewall provides free with the antivirus. You can also read the question-answer to FAQ and look through video tutorials, as well as chat with the customer service adviser or send an E-mail. Both services are free ad the internet chat is available through office hours, You can call daily, during business hours.

Benefits of McAfee antivirus software:

  • The umbrella protection

McAfee provides protection against a wide range of viruses, spyware, malicious program, etc. You can easily rely on one of the largest virus databases.

  • It is Free

The most important advantages using the McAfee edition is the one need not have to shell out any money for downloading the same. The process of downloading is extremely easy for an individual having to just register with his email ID.

  • Internet security

It is an additional feature added to this antivirus, to secure the user from harmful websites. In addition, it will tell you every time to close the particular website which is considered as harmful. Therefore, formidable inbuilt tools continuously analyze and locate sites for spam or spyware.

  • Flexible

In this antivirus,  one would have the flexibility of changing to the newer version of free McAfee with ease. It is one of the advantages of this antivirus.

  • Installation

The installation process is extremely simple, easy, and user friendly. In addition, the process is completed with few clicks.

  • Effectiveness

McAfee removes the viruses without prejudice without leaving behind the races of executable files. McAfee is certified by west coast labs for virus detection and virus cleaning, and also for picking up malware, spyware, trojans. They also help form the harmful things that could affect the performance of the computer.

  • Scan and updates

The complete scan of your system will take approximately thirty minutes which is quite to standard time. It updates time depends on the internet connectivity and also usher may be required to restart the system once the full scan is complete.

  • Free update

The free McAfee provides for a free update and easy access to newer features with

  • Personal firewall

While the other antivirus program is dependent on the firewall inbuilt in the operating system. McAfee has its own personal firewall. Not every antivirus program offers the same feature.

  • Easy to configuration

The software can be downloaded and installed on any type of system configuration. Therefore, the free McAfee requires minimum system resources and thereby making it ideal for people using computers at home, small company and for some small purposes.

  • Easy to use

This version of McAfee antivirus uses a different layout to other antivirus software. This set up makes it look distinctive but at times difficult to navigate. We missed the standard layout sometime as it is generally easier to keep on track of where you are going and get lost. However, the software is otherwise easy to use. In addition, you can use autopilot scan modes as well as set up your own scans.

  • Help and support

There are technical support and customer service options for you to make use of and found it was generally easy to get answers to any question you may have. In addition, we notice that the technical support was basically a troubleshooting checklist online but the customer service was more extensive.


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