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Characteristics of neural network

Neural networks consist of neurons organized in layers where the next layer connects every neuron in a layer to another neuron. A neuron multiplies the data that a matrix of numbers named the weights passes into it and then adds a number called a bias to generate a single number as output. Both the neurons on a layer are bound to the output to form the input to the next layer. Let us check the key characteristics of the neural network in this article. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of a neural network to know more about it.

Characteristics of Neural network:

  1. It is a neurally implemented, mathematical model.
  2. The input signals arrive at the processing elements through connection and connecting weights.
  3. Information stored in the neurons is basically the weighted linkage of neurons.
  4. A learning process implemented to acquire knowledge.
  5. Modeling of the system with an unknown input-output relationship.
  6. It contains a huge number of interconnected processing elements called neurons to do all operations.
  7. A neural network consists of a large number of neuron-like processing elements. All of these processing components have a large number of weighted interconnections. In addition, the connection between the elements provides a distributed representation of data.
  8. It has the ability to learn, recall, and generalize from the data provided by proper assignment and weight adjustment.
  9. The collective behavior of the neurons its computational power, and no signal neurons carry specific information.
  10. Adaptivity response change in the surrounding environment.
  11. Neutral network stimulates the biological systems, where learning involved adjustment to the synthetic connection between neurons.
  12. Neural networks can be useful for pattern recognition or data classifications, through a learning process.


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