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Advantages and disadvantages of AVG antivirus

AVG offers a number of compelling features the right technology to keep your PC protected. As one of the good antivirus software products reviewed, AVG offers a great solution that delivers advanced protection and simple use. Let us check out AVG antivirus advantages and disadvantages in this article.

Advantages of AVG antivirus:

  • Improved features

Though you can download ACG protection software AVG protection software freely the security software is by no means ineffective.

  • Real-time protection

AVG antivirus system is one of the best antivirus software in the world, and it provides real-time protection to your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

  • Boost time scan

Numerous viruses are there which is externally powered. During the time of scanning, they can have duplicate themselves. And after some time they can again harm to your computer. This is why AVG is mandatory because it kills the duplicate viruses by scanning thoroughly and original as well.

  • Scanning the files

You might think while running a program on your system is that either it is safe or not. But if you have the proper and totally safe antivirus program like AVG, you do not have to worry about else anything else because it takes complete care of your machine. It assures you to prevent your system from unwanted bugs.

  • Scheduled Update

You can visit the placing and set replace alternatives consistent with your choice. An automatic replace is one of the high-quality update-alternatives for the AVG antivirus program.

  • Mozilla  Extension

AVG antivirus may be hooked up into the extension of the Mozilla browser. Hence it is able to act a real-time scanner anything you get entry to the internet will be the first experiment for you and simplest then you may download the report from the net.

  • Low memory space

AVG antivirus makes use of very low reminiscence of a laptop and therefore it allows laptop not to get slow at the time of scanning process.

Disadvantages of AVG antivirus:

  • Limited detection techniques

AVG doesn’t work in all detection techniques. However, a virus scanner is a powerful way to detect a virus but if a strong virus hides inside a file or folder AVG is unable to detect it.

  • Minimum protection

This specific antivirus system is not enough for your PC or laptop. To ignore such viruses, an internet firewall is obligatory. It prevents spyware, malware, and viruses from attack.

  • PC gets slow

However a secure antivirus system helps your system to stay virus-free, but there is a drawback to have it. Installing AVG antivirus software on your computer, laptop or android can use a massive space of your hard disk drive.

  • Executable documents

AVG now and again detects the file of.Exe file as an epidemic. Therefore, it creates a hassle while an essential software program going to install in because AVG considers it an endemic.

  • First installation

AVG com retail set up takes too long. Therefore it requires extra maintains time to get set up and update into your laptop.

  • Setting options 

Its setting alternatives are a little bit complicated that of others, even then after 2 or 3 instances person gets reachable and person-pleasant.


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