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Advantages and disadvantages of signature recognition

A signature in which to confirm the identity also creates a legally binding contract or agreement between two or more parties. Signature recognition has generated much more interest than the keystroke recognition system. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of signature recognition to better understand this topic.

Pros or Advantages of signature recognition:

  1. Signature is a man-made biometric system where forgery has been studied extensively.
  2. It is a cheap technology
  3. Enrollment is intuitive and fast.
  4. Non-intrusive.
  5. Signature verification in general has a fast response and low storage requirement.
  6. The signature verification system is independent of the native language user.
  7. Little time of verification.

Cons or Disadvantages of signature recognition:

  1. There is much precedence for using the signature to authenticate documents and not for security applications.
  2. It is difficult to use.
  3. It is a large tmplate.
  4. A five-dimensional pen may be needed to arrive at the desired accuracy of the system. This makes the hardware costs are high.
  5. As not everywhere may be able to sign.
  6. Some people have palsies, while others people do not have enough fine motor coordination to write consistently.
  7. The handwritten signature tends to vary over time.

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