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Application of Big Data in E-commerce

Some of the points Application of  Big Data in E-commerce is as follows. Also, find out the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Big Data.

Application of big data in E-commerce:

  • Shopper analysis and supply management and logistics.
  • Assist the personalized service, attracting customer and increase customer retention. In addition, build better customers experience and customers service.
  • Predict trends is used by e-commerce to predict what the consumer will buy.
  • Personalized experience. Additionally, personalization involves using big data personalize emails and increase conversion rates.
  • Secure online payment. In addition, reduce frauds by informing the organization about the location.
  • Empowers to determine the quantities of a specific product require to meet the demand.
  • The pricing can be changed constantly to keep up with competition using real-time analytics.

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