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What are the uses of banana tree?

Top 10 uses of the banana trees are following below. Let us check out the different uses of a banana tree here in this article. You can also check out the health benefits of banana to know more about it.

Uses and benefits of a banana tree:

  1. Of course, the first use is definitely the sweet healthy fruit named banana.
  2. You can eat an edible banana and banana peel.
  3. Banana plant stems are edible, healthy, and rich in fiber so you also eat them.
  4. You can use stem fibers as a natural craft material like natural threads.
  5. You can use banana plant fibers to make garments to make clothes.
  6. Banana leaves can be used as natural leaf platter because it is long enough to serve a full meal.
  7. Banana flowers are also edible and able to eat.
  8. Steamed banana leaves can be used for packaging your lunch especially dry fruits items like cooked rice.
  9. You can also be used steamed banana leaves to make wrapped deserts.
  10. Banana plant rhizomes have many medicinal uses especially used in Ayurveda.


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