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Advantages of artificial intelligence in education

Some of the advantages of artificial intelligence in the education industry are as follows. Also, check out the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence to know more about it.

Benefits OR Advantages of artificial intelligence in education: 

  1. Artificial intelligence allows the student to choose everything, such as the learning pace, the curriculum, the form of education, and even the instructor.
  2. The AI system tends to help students with their weak side. In addition, the AI bases system can adapt the level of knowledge of students. It offers learning materials based on their weakness.
  3. This system offers virtual mentors to track a student’s progress.
  4. Teachers can see the weaknesses of students. For example – The Coursera platform can notify the teacher if many students mark incorrect answers to a particular question.
  5. With the use of AI and some more modern technologies like virtual reality, gamification helps student to make their education process more interactive.
  6. The AI system allows the teacher to create an automatic curriculum.
  7. AI makes a lot of help to the teacher in the education industry. In addition, the teacher to keep track of how well the student is performing.
  8. The artificial intelligence makes it possible for schools to create global classrooms.


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