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What are the drawback of cloud storage?

Some points of drawback or disadvantages of cloud storage are as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage to know more about it.

Disadvantages of Cloud storage: 

  1. Backup may be slower.
  2. Cloud server or storage may have limitations.
  3. It requires higher internet utilization.
  4. Restore may be slower.
  5. Limited features.
  6. Customer support is not one of the strengths of cloud storage providers.
  7. Integration and compliance problems.
  8. Does not work well in low-speed connections.
  9. Outsourcing data storage increases the potential for attack.
  10. Possibilities of losing vital data to hackers or infiltrators.
  11. For home devices, these costs may be too high to handle.
  12. After migrating the data to a third-party cloud storage provider, there is a bit of an issue concerning who owns the information.
  13. If you want to manipulate your files locally through multiple devices, you will need to download the service on all devices.
  14. May enable copyright and privacy infringement.

You can read the drawback of cloud storage in this article. If you have any queries regarding that then do comment in the comment section below. Your suggestion welcome and appreciated by us.


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