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Cloud storage VS External hard drive : Difference

Some of the comparisons and differences between cloud storage and external hard drive are as follows. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage to know more about it.

Difference between cloud storage and external hard drive:

  1. Cloud storage is low monthly payment. While external hard drive one-time upfront cost.
  2. Cloud storage is a limited capacity after it is payable. While external hard drive one-time payable, after no recurring fees.
  3. Cloud storage is recurring fees but in external hard drive no recurring fees.
  4. Cloud storage slower transfer speed. While an external hard drive fast transfer speeds.
  5. Cloud storage has capped capacity, but external hard drives larger storage capacity.
  6. We can not access the file in everwhere. While in the external hard drive has to be carried everywhere for access to the file.
  7. Cloud storage is sync technology. Whereas an external hard drive susceptible to fire, theft, and hard drive failure.

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