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Top 10 health benefits of banana

Banana is available in the market for twelve months means all seasons. The ripe banana is delicious, soft, sweet, spermicidal, nutritious, meat-growing, thirst, ophthalmic and the destruction of gonorrhea. Some of the points on the benefits of banana are as follows. So let us find out the benefits and importance of the banana. For more details also check out its banana health benefits and banana juice health benefits.

  1. If there is a problem of frequent urination drinking two teaspoons of ghee in 4 bananas juice is beneficial.
  2. If any part of the body burns, then bury the pulp of banana and bind it in a burnt spot. It removes irritation and relives it.
  3. Consuming it in diarrhea disease by adding banana to the curd is helpful.
  4. Grind banana peas on lemon juice, make a paste by grinding it.
  5. If the bleeding does not stop after injury, then the application of banana stalk juice at that place is beneficial.
  6. Consuming fresh raw bananas is a panacea for patients with ulcers.
  7. Drinking sugar regularly and adding cardamom together by eating three bananas in the morning reduces blood flow.
  8. Drinking a banana with a glass of milk in the morning keeps weight in control, and does not seem to be hungry again and again.
  9. If you have to swell in the throat the banana is beneficial in swelling of the throat.
  10. Eat yogurt and sugar together with curry after irritation in the plate. It also removes other stomach-related diseases.

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