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How many types of bananas are there?

There are many different types of banana available in certain countries. The list of these bananas is listed below. You can also check out the health benefits of banana to know more about it.

Different types of banana are listed below:

  1. Cavendish banana
  2. Pisang raja banana
  3. Red banana
  4. Ladyfinger banana
  5. Blue java banana
  6. Plantain banana
  7. Manzano banana
  8. Burro banana
  9. Barangan banana
  10. Goldfinger banana
  11. Gros Michel banana
  12. Mysore banana
  13. Saba banana

Let us check some types of banana in detailed information below.

Apple Banana:

Apple banana is exceptionally so sweet and hence also called a candy apple banana. It is distinguished by its size, texture, and flavour and available for the whole year. Apple banana contains a high amount of potassium and fibre as compared to common banana. It is used as a dessert banana once they reach peak maturity. In addition, it can also be used in savoury dishes both hot and cold.

Ladyfinger Types Banana:

Ladyfinger banana is small, sweet in taste and should be eaten when you see small dark brown spots start appearing on their peel. They can found in any size from 5 to 25 feet in height. This banana has thin, bright yellow skin that develops dark fleck when fully ripe. These are available for a whole year in tropical or semi-tropical regions. Additionally, these bananas contain high minerals such as manganese, magnesium, calcium, and zinc. However, ladyfinger banana is good for fresh eating and perfect fruit for a salad. If this is slightly overripe, they are ideal for a loaf of banana bread.

Red Banana:

Red banana is less popular and is much sweeter than the regular yellow banana. According to health experts, these bananas are way healthier than a regular banana. Health benefits of red banana are more as compared to the health benefits of a yellow banana. Therefore, if you have to eat one red banana daily make sure your health is amazing.

You don’t even know some key facts about red banana it carries a lesser amount of calories and rich in fibre. In addition, it is also available for the whole year.

Red Banana Vs Yellow Banana:

  1. Red banana is small and denser as compared with a yellow banana.
  2. The glycemic index of a red banana is lower as compared to a yellow banana.
  3. The sweetness is more in red banana than a yellow banana.
  4. Red banana contains more vitamin C than a yellow banana and some antioxidants.

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