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Health benefits of lemon tea

Lemon tea is nothing but a form of black tea or green tea to which lemon juice. It has been added to impart a unique flavour. Lemon tea simply contains lemon juice with hot tea.  If you like to add sugar as per your choice. Masala lemon tea contains hot tea with roasted cumin seed powder, lemon juice, black salt, and add some sugar, which gives it a spicy taste of lemon. The combined benefits of lemon juice and honey, ginger, green tea make lemon tea a healthy alternative to various carbonated drinks and coffee. Now, you can check out tea various lemon tea benefits below.

Highlight points on the health benefits of lemon tea:

  1. Treatment of cold and flu
  2. Psychological benefits
  3. A good cleanser and detoxifier
  4. Boost immune system
  5. Aid in weight loss
  6. Natural antiseptic
  7. Cardiovascular benefits
  8. Preventing skin cancer
  9. Help indigestion
  10. Benefits for skin
  11. Good for liver health
  12. Digestive health
  13. Improve insulin activity
  14. Balance PH level

Let discuss each point one by one below.

  • Treatment of cold and flu

Lemon tea is important in relieving cold and flu symptoms. In the case of cold and flu, you can add ginger to the tea and drink it 3 to 4 times daily. It will not only give you relief from a sore throat but also boost the immune system and keep you warm during winters. The liquid helps thin the mucus in your throat. Warm liquids, such as tea or lemon juice and honey in warm water, can soothe our throat.

  • Psychological benefits

Lemon tea removes from the blood and hence it energizes your body, refreshes your mind, and improves mental clarity. Stress is responsible for generating toxins in the blood that trigger various mental health issues and some problem is created related to health. Lemon tea is a great remedy for headaches, low vitality, fatigue, weakness, etc. It keeps you active and also healthy by cleansing your blood.

  • A good cleanser and detoxifier

Most of the health benefits of lemon tea attributes to the fact it cleanses your body by removing toxins from the system. These toxins invite various kinds of diseases and infections. An excellent detoxifier, lemon tea help prevent these diseases and infections.

  • Boost immune system

The best important benefit of drinking lemon green tea is a strengthened immune system. Being rich in vitamin C, this drink shields the body from disease-causing microbes and helps the body fight back without antibiotics. By consuming this drink regularly, you will have fewer risks of being prone to infections.

  • Natural antiseptic

As we all know, lemon is naturally antiseptic. Lemon tea possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties, and so, regular consumption helps in treating and healing infection and diseases.

  • Aid in weight loss

Everyone knows that the benefits of green tea with lemon for weight loss is proven by a natural solution. This drink has the ability to burn fat and offer an increase in your metabolism. While green tea obviously contains EGCG and caffeine, the additional degree of energy plus alertness supply by the tea may be valuable to maintain energy levels all through the day.

  • Cardiovascular benefits

According to molecular nutrition and food research, tea provides protection against cardiovascular diseases. Lemon tea contains good flavonoids that reduce lipids and inflammation and prevent the formation of blood clots in arteries.  Thus, drinking lemon tea daily is a great way of combating heart disease.

  • Preventing skin cancer

The antioxidant in the tea also are great in flushing out impurities from the skin and leaving it clear. It is also beneficial in preventing skin cancer from occurring. Besides lemon contains a compound called limonoids in abundance that help fight mouth, lag, breast, and stomach and colon cancer.

  • Help in a digestion

Lemon juice can boost the number of catechins your body takes out from green tea by up to size time. Compounds in a tea can slow down iron assimilation from food in your diet materials, intake your green tea with lemon to reduce the effect.

  • Benefits for skin

It is an effective antidote in case of sore throat, cold or flu. Honey is full of antioxidants while lemon rich in vitamin C.  Lemon possesses astringent properties that help reduce acne and it will also help in some other skin disorders internally. Thus, the consumption of lemon tea can help combat acne and various skin disorders.

  • Good for liver health

The lemon helps in restoring the natural PH of the body and also cleanses the liver. This helps in making the liver produce more bile that helps in digestion problems. Also certain antioxidants present in the drink such as an EGCG, EGC, etc.

  • Digestive health

Lemon tea facilities digestion through its calming effect. This is because it eliminates toxin and waste products, and enables your body to absorb more of the beneficial substances present in it. This citric acid in lemons aids in digestion and helps to dissolve kidney stones. While the ascorbic acid is natural antioxidants that prevent the sailors from dread.

  • Improve insulin activity

Our body requires insulin for the conversion of glucose or sugar to energy. Tea has been found to increase insulin activity.

  • Balance PH levels

Lemons enclosed both citric along with ascorbic acid, fragile acids. Simply metabolized from the body permit the mineral substance of lemons to aid alkalize the blood. Drinking green tea with lemon water in eliminating the general acidity in the body, counting uric acid in the joints. That is single of the primary cause of pain plus inflammation.

  • Facilitates iron absorption

Tea, in general, can interfere with the absorption of nonheme iron by your body. However, in the case of lemon tea, vitamin C can boost non-heme iron absorption. Thus adding lemon juice and mix with tea can counteract this adverse effect of tea.

How to make lemon tea?


  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup or more of hot water
  • Sugar as per your choice


  • Put the lemon juice into cup or mug
  • Add hot water and stir
  • Add more lemon juice or hot water to according to your taste, add sugar as per your choice
  • Serve hot


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