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Health benefits of green tea with honey

By adding honey in green tea, you can enjoy the best of both of the ingredients. The abundant vitamins and minerals of honey with the powerful antioxidants of green tea can be extremely good to your health like treating infections, aiding in digestion, good bone health, and most importantly strengthening your immune system. Here this article gives information about the benefits of green tea with honey to better understand the overall health benefits of green tea.

Benefits of green tea with honey:

  1. Burn your fat
  2. Manage cholesterol
  3. Improve dental health
  4. Benefits the heart
  5. Prevent the risk of cancer
  6. Good for bone  health
  7. Fight bad breath
  8. Give you healthy skin
  9. Improve brain function
  10. Help in hair growth
  11. Ease common cold
  12. Reduce the bitterness

Let us discuss one by one below.

  • Burn your fat

Most people are looking at the thing that can help them reduce the excess calories they have recently gained. For most of them, the good news is that having a few cups of green tea combined with honey on a regular basis can actually help them relive the excess calories. Green tea boosts the metabolism in the body while the honey will reduce the calories. Fat oxidant by this combination is increased by about 17%

  • Manage cholesterol

Hig cholesterol level can lead to fatal heart diseases and stroke. Thus it is very important that cholesterol levels in control. For the smooth functioning of the heart, cholesterol levels should be lower than 200mg/dl. Apart from a balanced diet and exercise, the consumption of green tea with honey aids in keeping bad cholesterol under check.

  • Improve dental health

Most of the are problem in teeth, they have a problem with cavities and another dental issue. Catechins present in green tea with honey are effective in case of improving dental health too. The catechins in green tea combine with honey reduce the effect of this bacteria, thus providing better dental health. This is one of the best health benefits of having green tea and honey.

  • Benefits of heart

According to the medical research consumption of at least 7-8 of green tea could cur the risk of dying from heart disease by almost 75%. Green tea also lowers the cholesterol toa a considerable amount and increases good cholesterol.

  • Prevent the risk of cancer

One of the important health benefits of having green tea with honey is that it gives out great antioxidants necessary for the good health of the body. The multiplying effect of body cells in an uncontrolled fashion gives rise to cancer. Green tea would help to reduce antioxidants that reduce the effect of this uncontrolled multiplying effect. Green tea on a regular basis not just prevents the effect of cancer but also mitigates them. This is an important green tea benefit.

  • Good for bone health

Regular consumption of green tea with honey can result in healthy and strong bones, especially in women and aged ladies. Most women after the age of 30 or above suffer from bone diseases. Regular consumption of green tea along with honey strengthens bone muscles.

  • Fight bad breath

Apart from keeping the body fit and safe, green tea as a superfood also helps combat mount bacteria and viruses and prevents bad breath. Green tea with honey can act as a powerful method to fight against the bad breath.

  • Give you healthy skin

Green tea with honey is rich in antioxidant that helps renew skin cells giving it a glowing and younger look. They also help fight acne and breakouts by flushing out toxic radicals from the system. Find out the different ways you can use honey for skin and face.

  • Improve brain function

Green tea with honey help in improving the functioning of the brain and boost brain function.

  • Helps in hair growth

According to the many researcher’s green tea help to stop hair fall and promote hair growth in both men and women. Thus, daily consumption of green tea with honey will prove beneficial for those seeking thick, lustrous locks in the long run.

  • Eases common cold

By strengthening the immune system, green tea with honey helps fight against viruses that cause common cold and flu. The antioxidants present in them help build up the defensive capabilities of the immune system.

  • Reduce the bitterness

Green tea has such a harsh taste sometimes, adding honey is going to make it much friendlier and the test is good. This means you will be able to enjoy more cups of green tea on average, which is going to have a good impact on your overall health. The problem is the bitterness is a normal thing. Green tea is a natural astringent and will even feel old on your tongue and teeth if you brew it too strong. Adding honey to the brew will not overpower the flavour of green tea, green tea test is bad,  but honey only round it off where it needs a little help.

How to make green tea with honey?


  • It uses 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp honey
  • And use tea bag/tsp green tea


  • Boil water and add green tea
  • Let it rest for 2 minutes
  • Add honey and stair
  • Serve hot


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