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Characteristics of aerial photography

Some points on the characteristics of aerial photography are discussed below. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages to know more about aerial photography.

What are the characteristics of aerial photography?

  • Synoptic viewpoint

Aerial photographs give bird-eye views that enable them to observe the objects in their spatial context.

  • Time freezing ability

Photographs were taken from this photography are the records of the spatial features. In addition, their physical and geometrical conditions at the instance of photography. They serve as historic evidence.

  • Availability

They are prepared by different agencies such as the government as well as private and are readily available most of the time. However, it is easy to perform photography if data is not available for any region.

  • Economy

Aerial photography is cheaper than ground-based surveying. In addition, when data is required over a large area this is cheaper but for smaller areas it becomes costly.

  • Large spectral range

Photographs were taken from this photography beyond the human visible range of the spectrum. However, it is possible to perform photography in regions such as infrared, microwave portions.

  • Capability to stop action

Some natural hazards such as floods, forest fires, oil spills can be recorded using these photographs.

  • Stereoscopic coverage

It is possible to collect the data stereoscopically using this photography. The study area is captured from a minimum of two different locations consecutively in flight path while taken the aerial photographs to get stereoscopic coverage.


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