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Pros and cons of trello | Advantages

Trello is a fantastic web-based project management and collaboration tool that allows you to plan all of your projects in one place. It is extremely visual and highly adaptable, making your life easier when you have several people working on your project, especially if they are in different physical locations. So here this gives the pros and cons of Trello to better understand this topic.

Pros of Trello | Advantages:

  1. Trello makes use of real-time. Member can work on the project without interfering with the updates. When an update is made to the system, it appears immediately and without delay.
  2. It is simple to add new members. A user can add a new member by simply entering the new user’s email address and clicking the add number button.
  3. Design that is responsive. Trello works flawlessly whether access via laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet. This means that if a user accesses Trello from a device other than his usual one, such as a laptop.
  4. It makes use of the Kanban system. A lot of other software makes use of Toyota’s Kanban system. Which was developed in the 1950s. It is now much easier for users to create tasks for projects and break these down into even smaller tasks using this system’s boards.
  5. There is no need for notes. Trello is not only useful, but it is also environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need for users to write notes. They can take these notes on the software and never worry about forgetting their task again.
  6. Trello can be used by anyone because it is designed to be simple and easy to use. It is very clear how the software can be managed in a way that even a novice can understand.
  7. The pricing strategy is simple. This is yet another feature of Trello that makes it a fantastic piece of software.
  8. The notification system is excellent. This is one of Trello’s strongest features because every move made on the software is visible.

Cons of Trello | Disadvantages:

  1. It is appropriate for smaller projects. Trello can definitely help people with smaller projects and teams. However, as the team grows and the project becomes more complex, this may become a problem.
  2. Trello only allows for comments and no editing. If a comment has already been posted and saved, the only way to correct it is to create a completely new comment.
  3. Trello is based on data. Trello is an online software is dependent on the availability of data to function, which is a problem shared by similar software. It is powered by the internet and allows the user to complete their tasks. so where there is no data, there is no Trello.
  4. Trello has a limited amount of storage space. Trello supports attachments, but free users can only upload up to 10 MB per upload, which is quite limited.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding our article on the pros and cons of Trello then do comment in the comment section below.

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