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Pros and cons of joining the army

The pros of joining the army are that you can meet new people, learn new skills, see the world, and learn more about yourself. The cons of joining the army are that may be asked to do things that you don’t want to do, possible injury or death, you may be away from your family and friends for a long period of time, and life is challenging. So here are the 10 pros and cons of joining the Army from a soldier’s point of view.

Top 10 Pros of joining the Army:

Free schooling:

The main reason why some people never finish high school or go to college is because of money problems. However, the GI bill covers your college tuition and other costs when you enlist in the military. Your GI bill becomes transferable to your spouse or dependent children after ten years of active duty.

Learn and train in new skills:

The army takes pride in its soldier’s ongoing and regular learning. Great pride in the fact that the army helps me achieve the aim of continuing to learn things.

Job security:

You will always have a job in the military for as long as you want, and soldiers are rarely fired. Depending on the commission you choose, as a Sakari is damaged, you will job stability. There is no widespread risk of losing your employment.

Avoid living a routine life:

Army has undoubtedly unique. Training is always evolving, new skills or tasks must be performed or learned. It is excellent for those who dislike being still.

See the world:

The sheer number of locations you will see while serving in the US army would cost thousands of dollars to see on your own. Thus the opportunity practically gives you a chance to explore the world on top of the army and other benefits of serving in the military.

Make lifelong friends:

The army has its own experience because it is a community in and of itself. Knowing that can trust a friend with your life is wonderful.

Learn more about yourself:

More often than not, if you were working at your neighborhood gas station, you learn a lot more about yourself thanks to the rigorous training situations the army puts you through. The army puts its soldiers through rigorous training so they will be prepared for anything and are therefore more likely to return home unharmed.

You can protect your country by joining the army:

Joining the army has several benefits, one of which is the ability to defend your nation from dangers to national security.

Joining the Army may strengthen your level of patriotism:

In general, you will learn a strong sense of patriotism if you join the army. The army is all about protecting your local people from any danger and defending your nation. Therefore, you will develop a strong sense of patriotism and may even be willing to die if it is required to preserve your nation since you will learn how to protect both your country and your loved ones in case of an emergency.

Joining the army may give you additional advantages:

You will also gain access to a wide range of other benefits if join the army. In other nations, you might actually obtain in discounts on a variety of other purchases as well as free tickets to sporting events.

Top 10 Cons of joining in Army:

May be hard to plan for the future:

In general, it will be challenging for you to make future plans if you join the army. it will challenge you to buy a property in a specific area or it commit to other long-term decisions because you won’t know where you will be living in a few months or years.

You may suffer from serious injuries:

You can also be in danger of major injuries depending on where you have to work during your army career. In some areas, there are still active, serious conflicts. In turn, compared to the usual corporate employment, your risk of being attacked and seriously hurt will be substantially higher.

The food:

Depending on where you are stationed, army food will either be tasty or edible. Keep on and bear it.

The political party of the president:

No matter your political affiliation, you must be prepared to carry out the present president’s commands.

If the army’s not for you, you’ll hate it:

Before your sign up, give it some thought and conduct some research. There is always time. The age requirement to join the army is 42.

Life challenging:

From day one, no whining, no complaining, and no excuses.

If you have a family, it is difficult:

It can be challenging for your family life, which is yet another drawback of the military. The likelihood that your wife would cheat on you sooner or later or that you will just lose the emotional connection to each other is rally higher if you live abroad and don’t see your wife and children very often.

Possible injury or death:

The risk is real, think before you act.

May see more active conflict:

Although some people join the military because they enjoy and welcome battle, not everyone is a good fit. The US army is typically the next unit to enter the scene after the US Marines. It encounters a good number of hazardous circumstances.

Army careers can be challenging:

Army work can be mentally taxing in addition to being physically taxing. So don’t expect your army career to always be straightforward. You will probably go through times when you want to give up, but you will need to persevere occasionally.

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