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Advantages of QR code over Barcode

For the companies who are deciding between the barcode or QR codes, you will find that there are several reasons to choose the QR code over the barcode option. From more restoration of the data if it is lost, to the ease of reading the codes, various method of reading codes, and the variety of character, number, symbol, figure, text, image which can be used in designating code to the product which is sold. So when the deciding method to track inventory and sales purposes, companies will find that QR codes are far superior to the older option of choosing barcodes for their retail facilities. Here this article gives information about the advantages of QR code over the barcode and why you have to choose QR code over the barcode. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of QR code to better understand this topic.

QR code over Barcode:

  1. QR code can be up t 10 times smaller than a bar code and still readable. So you can print a smaller label that carries more information.
  2. QR code has a high error correction margin. So even if around 30 % of the code is unreadable the code still works.
  3. While a barcode can represent up to 25 characters, a QR code can amount to up to 2500 characters. That means you can have even more detail on your webshop, including the product page URL.
  4. You need to aim the scanner in line with the code to read a barcode, while you can read a QR code from any angle. You won’t have to target the scanner precisely any time you have several things to scan.
  5. As far as speed, precision, and location of scanning are concerned, when considering barcode vs QR codes, several businesses are again choosing QR code as the option of choice for their code types.
  6. Both barcode and QR code may sometimes be damaged. When the barcode is damaged, they are not capable of reading the data, and they cannot be used to scan. QR codes are also scannable on the flip side.
  7. When damages, the QR code can still recover from 30 to 35% of the damaged data, word, symbols, making the QR code far superior in the capabilities or restoring data, or recovering information which has been lost or damaged for any reason.
  8. QR code, the individual working the counter can pretty much scan that code from anywhere, any distance and any position. Due to the three positions and detection patterns on the QR code, they are going to be read no matter where they are scanned. So it is better than the QR code.
  9. When considering barcode vs QR codes for speed and precision. QR codes are also far superior to the traditional barcode. Which most retailers have chosen to use in their store in the past compare to the barcode.
  10. As compared to barcode the QR code allows any information to be stretched out on to an object. It allowing the QR code to be printed out on smaller, and narrower areas. This makes for ease of reading and more flexibility by companies who use the QR code. And deciding where to place the QR code on any object or product they sell.
  11. When choosing barcode vs QR codes, in the arena of data storage, QR codes are far greater at holding and keeping storage. They can even store text message or website addresses.

You read the advantages of QR code over barcode in this article. If you have a query regarding this topic then do comment in the comment section below.


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