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PS4 Pro Pros and Cons

Sony announced the playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) game console in 2016. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of PS4 Pro to better understand this topic.  The pros of PS4 Pro are it is 4k gaming, a Large game library, Improved graphics, High dynamic range support, More powerful hardware,  and boost mode. The cons of PS4 Pro are it has large file sizes, No 4K Blu-ray layer, Not all games are native 4K, expensive, it has limited 4K content, and Not the latest console. Some advantages and disadvantages of PS4 Pro are discussed below. So let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of the PS4 Pro to know more about the PS4 Pro.

Pros of PS4 | Advantages of PS4

Improved graphics

The PS4 has superior graphics performance than the PS4, enabling games to have better graphics and higher resolutions.

4K Gaming

When combined with a 4K TV that is compatible, it offers 4K resolution gaming, giving the user a more detailed and visually immersive gaming experience.

Quieter Operation

Sonu revamped the PS4 Pro with better cooling, making it operate more quietly than the regular PS4.

Large Game Library

The PS4 Pro offers a sizable game library that includes both third-party and exclusive games, making it a flexible gaming system.

High Dynamic Range support

HDR enhances color and contrast for a more bright and more realistic appearance in flims and games.

More powerful hardware

It boasts a faster CPU and more potent GPU, which can result in better performance in games that make use of the enhanced technology.

Boost mode

The PS4 Pro has a boost mode that can enhance an older game’s performance by making it load quicker and run more smoothly.

Cons of PS4 Pro | Disadvantages of PS4 Pro

Large file sizes

4K games and assets can be quite large, which could cause the PS4 Pro’s hard drive to run out of space more quickly.

No 4K Blu-ray player

Users searching for a complete entertainment system may be disappointed by the PS4 Pro’s absence of a 4K Blu-ray player compared to some other medical players.

Not all games are native 4K

While the PS4 Pro can render games in 4K, not all games really support it. Some people employ methods like upscaling to obtain resolutions that resemble 4K, although they could not be as sharp as genuine 4K.


The PS4 Pros is more expensive than the regular PS4, which may put some games out of their price range.

Not the latest console

With the arrival of playstation 4, the PS4 Pro was no longer the newest playstation console as of my most recent update. Consider upgrading to the PS5 if you want the newest technology.

Limited 4K content

At the time of its release, there was a dearth of 4K content, making it possible that those without a compatible 4K TV and 4K content sources won’t fully enjoy 4K games and video.

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