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Advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing

Pros or Advantages of Traditional marketing :

  1. For traditional marketing in the form of direct E-mail, Which is better able to deliver specific offers for specific people.
  2. Traditional marketing is better at reaching certain audiences.
  3. This marketing poses a less potential risk for your rand.
  4. Traditional hard copy marketing is always easy to process mentally and recall in the future.
  5. The use of traditional marketing can make your task easy to reach a local audience.
  6. This marketing is a familiar mode of advertisement for older people and businessmen. As they don’t need any explanation about the promotional materials.
  7. You can surround your prospect with your rand, value proposition, message, and products via a public multi-media campaign.
  8. This marketing is always has a high success rate.
  9. Many traditional channels use direct mails, events, personal contact is easy for your marketing team to execute themselves. Without the additional cost of any external agency.
  10. This marketing will allow you to reach a large population and across many demographics. You can use billboards, television, and some radio for advertisement.

Cons or disadvantages of Traditional Marketing:

  1. Traditional marketing is mainly forced around customers since it is est part of their particular daily life. Traditional marketing is mostly forced on customers. It includes a low response rate.
  2. You will get time to respond to the changes you wish in the advertisement that then-new modern online marketing.
  3. Expensive compare to online marketing.
  4. It provides less information.
  5. Traditional marketing is often not as measurable as compared to digital marketing.
  6. You will not get time to respond to the changes you wish to make in the make of advertisement. Compared to the new modern online marketing.
  7. Traditional marketing can take longer to execute and refine compare to digital campaigns.
  8. Customized marketing is not possible, because the specific customer can not be targeted, the only specific market can be targeted.

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