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Telemedicine Terminology

What is the terminology for telemedicine?


The most crucial concept to understand is telemedicine. The use of telecommunication technologies for health care is known as telemedicine. This technology is used frequently for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, specialist consultation, host of another clinical service that can be provided remotely via secure video and audio connections. So here this article gives information about the terminology of telemedicine to better understand this topic.


However, this term is frequently used interchangeably with telemedicine. Telemedicine focuses on clinical services while telehealth focuses on all health services.

Digital medical devices:

An item that would be considered a digital medical device includes blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, and more.

Electronic health record:

Most important, EHR is a collection of patient information that can be shared across healthcare settings. EHR commonly contains billing information, medical history, and more.

Electronic medical record:

EMR allows health care organizations to store, retrieve and modify patient records.


Encryption is a term used when discussing the sharing and security of patient information. It is a system of encoding electronic data where the information can only be decoded by those given computerized access.

Remote monitoring:

Remote monitoring is the use of digital medical equipment to transmit data in real-time to clinicians and staff.

Originating site:

The original site is the patient’s location when they received telemedicine services. This specifically related to Medicaid and how and if they will reimburse a provider.

Video conferencing:

The transmission of the digital video image in real-time between multiple locations

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