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Stripe benefits | Pros and cons of Stripe

A stripe is an Irish-American financial service provider as well as in software businesses. The company have dual headquarter in San Fransisco, and another one is at Dublin, Ireland. In addition, stripe provides payment processing software like payment gateway and application programming interface for an e-commerce website or mobile application development. Therefore, let us check out the stripe benefits in this article to better understand this topic.

Stripe Benefits | Pros of stripe

  1. It is great for international payment.
  2. It has great documentation for developers.
  3. Most importantly it has no additional fees for set up, cancellation, account maintenance, etc.
  4. It has flat-rate fees, competitive with its top alternatives.
  5. Highly customizable with many integration options.
  6. It can sign up for an account online quickly and easily.
  7. Great customer support.
  8. No merchant account/gateway required.
  9. It is secure.
  10. The stripe user interface is easy to use.
  11. The system will work perfectly. Therefore, the smooth payment process without delay or errors.
  12. The stripe works with all types of banks, credit cards, currencies.

Stripe Drawback | Cons of stripe

  1. It is limited options for in-person payments.
  2. May require technical skills or the developer resource to customize.
  3. Issues with frozen or cancelled accounts, especially for businesses in risker industries.
  4. Limitation of geographical locations. Stripe available for use in only 39 countries. In addition, most of the countries belong from European, American, and Asian.

Alternative of Stripe: 

Mangopay, Adyen, PayPal, Dwolla, Skrill. These are some players who gave a huge competition to Stripe in the payment gateway business.

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