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Pros and cons of living in Lowa

Life generally proceeds at a more leisurely pace in Lowa. With some metro areas establishing career options for folks who want to wear suits instead of overalls, the focus is on the rural farming communities and supporting them. In addition, the state offers some great opportunities for healthcare jobs, and mounts mercy university is one of the top nursing programs in the country. So do you plan to move to keystone state? Why move to lowa? Here are the pros and cons of living in Lowa in this article. Let us decide whether living in Lowa is the appropriate place for you. You can check the

Pros of living in Lowa: 

  1. In comparison to the national average, Iowa has a 16.3% cheaper cost of living, housing costs are affordable.
  2. Lowa is the state to be in if you want to work in agriculture. More pigs are raised in lows than in any other state in the country.
  3. In terms of educational standards, lowa does well. The state has an extremely high, high school graduation rate. In addition, a lot of pupils continue on to college.
  4. The abundance of open space and the low level of urbanization is valued among loans. Des Moines, with a little over 215000 residents, is the largest city.
  5. In comparison to the rest of America, Iowa has a lower crime rate. Compared to national norms, there are 20% fewer violent crimes and 10% fewer property crimes.
  6. The largest bike touring competition in the world is held in Iowa.
  7. Popular events include the yearly lowa arts festivals in Iowa City. Additionally, there are galleries, museums, and prominent lowan artists like grant wood who is well recognized for their representations of the midwest.
  8. Visitors are astonished at how friendly a lot of lowa are. However, people will go above and beyond to assist you, make feel welcome, and make you feel just at home.
  9. You should rethink moving to lowa if you intend to start a diet. Lowa enjoys eating. Pork barbeque is delicious and well-liked.
  10. Iowa has an unemployment rate of 2.9%, which is less than half the national average.
  11. The majority of people have a liberal and progressive impression of lowans. They are typically regarded as intelligent and considerate.
  12. In Lowa, the roads are always free. Lowans would not tolerate a toll booth if it were to be built.
  13. With almost no traffic congestion whatsoever, lowa is in the top ten states for being the most enjoyable to drive in.
  14. After Florida and Hawaii, Iowa is the top destination for retirees due to its affordable cost of living and first-state healthcare.
  15. The world’s ice cream capital is lowa. Le mars, Iowa is home to wells dairy. In addition, the blue bunny brand of goods is produced by this dairy.

Cons of living in Lowa:

  1. It is quite simple to forget about the taxes in a state where you desire to move if you move to lowa and work there.
  2. The high crime rate in lowa cities may be the state’s most intriguing feature.
  3. Wisconsin winters have enough snow to provide insulation. In addition, dealing with the dryness of a winter without snow is also considerably more difficult.
  4. Lowa will leave you feeling let down if you enjoy being in the mountains.
  5. Whatever your political views or connections, the lowa caucuses are flooded with candidates, commentators, and course the media

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