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Importance of telemedicine

Telemedicine is a significant part of healthcare services in the current environment COVID 19 pandemic. Telemedicine services have emerged as a solution as the rapid spread of lethal coronavirus has heightened dread among people during the pandemic crisis, making it riskier for all types of patients, including COVID 19 patients, to visit a doctor or hospital for treatment.  In this circumstance, more than ever, the necessity for digital healthcare such as telehealth, telemedicine with patients, such as become critical. It is the essence, a method of bridging the gap between patients and doctors in two geographical areas in order to provide appropriate medical care. So here this article gives some importance of telemedicine to better understand this topic.

What is the importance of telemedicine?

  1. Telemedicine increased access to quality health services.
  2. It reduced the costs of getting treatment.
  3. It keeps healthcare workers working.
  4. Telemedicine allows the spreading of knowledge.
  5. It increases health care access in senior living communities.
  6. Helps conserve supplies and bed space.
  7. Expands access to care and reaches more patients.
  8. Improves patient engagement with remote monitoring.
  9. It supports specialties such as cardiology and psychiatry.
  10. Improves clinical workflow and increases practice efficiency.
  11. It improves patient satisfaction.

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