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Benefits of DLP | Importance of DLP

A-Data leak prevention system is software that defines, discovers, and monitors sensitive data in order to keep it from leaving the local environment. Industry security standard such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and FISMA requires the implementation of a DLP solution. So here this article gives the benefits of DLP to better understand this topic.

What are the Benefits of DLP?

  1. Effective for insider and outsider threat prevention.
  2. Provides visibility into data exchanges.
  3. Apply machine learning to identify abnormal user behaviour and label sensitive data.
  4. Some DLP uses machine learning algorithms to identify new sensitive data.
  5. DLPS provides corporations with visibility into what going out of the building.
  6. DLP is effective at detecting both outsider and insider threats.
  7. Before accessing sensitive data, impose authorization procedures.

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