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Wrike pros and cons

Wrike project management software was one of the first project management apps to enter the market, competing against the 800-pound gorilla known as Microsoft’s project management software. So here this gives the Wrike pros and cons to better understanding this topic.

Advntages or pros of Wrike:

  1. Wrike is an integrated time tracking software that allows you to keep track of how your staff uses their work hours.
  2. Wrike offers a free edition that allows up to five users. In comparison to the commercial version, the free version has fewer features.
  3. A two-factor authentication is a critical tool for ensuring online security, particularly when dealing with sensitive customer and corporate information.
  4. Wrike analytics is an excellent method to acquire detailed insights about your project and activities.
  5. It offers an excellent dashboard that displays the status of the project and tasks throughout the project life cycle.
  6. Wrike, unlike Monday and asana, offer an excellent customer service program. The support center makes every effort to respond to consumer inquiries as quickly as possible.

Disadvantages or Cons of Wrike:

  1. The write UI may be rather complicated at times, and moving from project to project task can be difficult.
  2. Wrike task management system lacks effective job prioritizing.
  3. Wrike does not enable users to modify the color, background, or other visual aspects of tasks and projects.
  4. Changing the status of a task in Wrike is neither simple nor straightforward.
  5. Wrike has a steep learning curve and is difficult to use. In reality, it takes some time for a new user to grasp the fundamentals and begin using the programming appropriately.
  6. Wrike makes it tough to add new users and assign them to projects. The project manager must manually add new users, which may be time-consuming in big teams.
  7. The dashboard lacks advanced filtering functions that would allow the user to choose which information to display.
  8. Wrike project management takes a long time to load and considerably longer to post or download files.
  9. This makes tracking the progress of a work or project challenges.
  10. Wrike is more costly than comparable project management software on the market. If you pay monthly, the cheapest option, professional, starts at $11.50 per user each month.

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