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Cloud Storage VS Cloud Backup : What is the difference?

Some points on the comparison, difference, and similarity between cloud storage and cloud backup are as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage to know more about it.

Definition of cloud storage: 

A model of online network storage where data is stored in virtualized storage pools, generally hosted by third parties. Hosting companies operate large data centers and people who require their data to be hosted and buy storage capacity from them.

Definition of cloud backup: 

Cloud Backup is a remote, online, or managed backup service that provides users with a backup, storage, and recovery system for their computer files. In addition, online backup providers are companies that provide end-users with this type of service. These types of backup services are considered a form of cloud backup.

Difference between cloud storage and cloud backup:

  • Cloud storage is designed to provide space for your hard drive. In addition, make it easier to access and edit files from different devices. Cloud backup is designed in a way that you can restore files in the event of data loss.
  • In the cloud storage, you must manually select files you want to store in the cloud. While cloud back up services works automatically to save and sync files stored on your computer.
  • The main goal of cloud storage is to store files to be accessible and work with form anywhere. While the main goal of cloud backup files on your computer and store them safely for disaster recovery function.
  • Cloud storage can be compared with a cloud-based USB flash drive. Whereas, cloud back up is insurance for business continuity.
  • Cloud back up provides are serious about keeping your data secure. However, your file is usually encrypted both on transfer and on storage. But, in with most cloud storage services, files can only be encrypted on the server-side, making the data transfer process less secure.


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