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Advantages and disadvantages of flowchart

 The flow chart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm using some standard symbols. It is a simple graphical representation of steps. It shows the sequence of ordered and widely used in presenting the flow of algorithms & solve a difficult problems. Here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of the flowchart to better understand this topic.

Pros or Advantages of flowchart:

  1. It is a convenient method of communication.
  2. Flowcharts are a better way of communicating the logic of the system to all concerned or involved.
  3. A key to correct programming.
  4.  Where a program has logical complexities flowchart can indicate very clearly just what is being done.
  5. Promotes logical accuracy.
  6. The flowchart can ascertain that no logical path is left incomplete without any action being taken.
  7. Facilities troubleshooting.
  8. It clearly indicates that the role played at each level.
  9. The purpose of the flowchart is to make complex programs to make easy and readable. Making things more efficient.
  10. Provides an overview of the various system.
  11. The flowchart will provide to demonstrates the relationship between various steps.
  12. It saves inconveniences in the future and serves the purpose of documentation for the systems.
  13. System analysis process & design are the main focus for flowchart so they act as guides or blueprints.
  14. Very easy to draw a flowchart in any word processing program like MS Word.
  15. A flowchart is an important tool for planning and designing new systems.
  16. It helps us to understand the logic of given problems.
  17. The flowchart helps in the debugging process.
  18. Compared to algorithms and the Pseudo-code method, Flowcharts are very easy to facile to understand.
  19. The maintenance of an operating program becomes very easy. It helps the programmer to put efforts more efficiently into that part.
  20. Using only use very few symbols, complex problems can be represented very easily in a flowchart.
  21. Raptor is a flowchart-based programming environment. This design specifically to help the student to visualize their programs.
  22. With the help of the flowchart, problems can be analyzed in a more effective way therefore cost & wastage of time.

Cons or Disadvantages of Flowchart:

  1. The flowchart is sometimes a waste of time and slows down the process of software development.
  2. A flowchart is not meant for man to computer communication.
  3.  A flowchart is a type of diagram that represents a workflow or process. But it doesn’t mean for a man to computer communications.
  4. If you need to modify or some change, & alternate the process then it will be very hard to do in the flowchart.
  5. Manual tracing is needed to check the correctness of the flowchart which is drawn on paper.
  6. Showing many branches and looping flowchart is difficult.
  7. The flowchart is quite costly and difficult to use and manage.
  8. The flowchart symbols cannot type, reproduction of the flowchart become a problem.
  9. Sometimes the complex logic problem of the program logic is quite complicated to draw out using different shapes.
  10. Modification of the flowchart is sometimes time-consuming.

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