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What is javascript used for

Every industry makes use of javascript to build a variety of applications. Javascript is reduced server load, is very fast, is simple and extends functionality so it can be used for game development, mobile development and web development. Let us look at the deep insight into what is javascript used for in various fields.

Javascript is primarily used to create web-based applications

Among the things that javascript can do for the web are:

  • Adding interactive features to websites such as the ability to pan and zoom or play audio and video
  • The most well-known examples of building web servers and server-side applications using node.js are Netflix and Uber creating web and mobile apps. as well as games that run inside browsers.
  • Javascript is also used to develop artificial intelligence. These libraries allow programmers to build machine learning models that classify data and images as well as predict future events based on historical data.
  • Java is possible to create games for web browsers using javascript. A variety of game engines are available on Github, many of which also use HTML5.
  • In addition to creating websites and apps, developers can also create the back-end infrastructure using node.js and javascript.

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