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What are the benefits of cloud storage?

Some points on the benefits of cloud storage are as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage to know more about it.

Benefits of cloud storage:

  1. Cloud storage can save costs.
  2. Data redundancy and replication.
  3. Data tiering for cost-saving.
  4. Easy sharing.
  5. Regulatory compliance.
  6. Scalable service.
  7. Enhanced safety and security features.
  8. Ransomware/malware protection.
  9. Instant transfer of data to a remote location.
  10. The uninterrupted continuation of business without challenges.
  11. Recovery of the data instantly after a computer crash or cyber attack.
  12. Clients can enjoy expensive storage space.
  13. There is no question of additional expenditure.

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