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Pros and cons of socialism

Socialism is a political system in which the government controls all major production and distribution processes and the general public entrusts the state with the provision of essential products and services. Socialism favours public ownership over private ownership. So, in order to better comprehend this topic, in this article you can check out the pros and cons of socialism. Pros of Socialism| Advantages of socialism: More equal society. Universal heal care improves living standard labor […]

Pros and cons of capitalism | Advantages

Pros and cons of capitalism

Capitalism is an economic structure that permits and promotes the private ownership of profit-generating enterprises. However, Private land ownership rights, open markets the rule of law, freely functioning capital markets, low corruption. In addition, the price discovery mechanism is all characteristic of capitalism, also knowns as the capitalist economy. So, here this article gives the pros and cons of capitalism to better understand this topic. Pros OR Advantages of Capitalism: Incentives to be rich encourage […]

Pros and cons of democracy | Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros and cons of democracy

Democracy is a form of government established by the people themselves, in which they have the power to choose who governs them. In many Western countries, democracy is the foundation of human freedom and economic success. However, there are some cons to democracy.┬áSo, in order to better understand this subject, this article lists the pros and cons of democracy. Pros of democracy | Advantages of Democracy: Low level of inequality. Strengthening of individual opportunities. Religious […]