Pros and cons of living in Tennessee

Tennessee often known as the volunteer state is a hidden gem in the US and the birthplace of many musicians, actors, and American heroes. But don’t take the modest presence and relaxed attitude of this state too seriously. Tennessee has much more to offer visitors and residents than meets the eye. If you are planning to visit Tennessee or perhaps you are considering a move, it’s worthwhile to check out some of the pros and cons of living in Tennessee.

Pros of living in Tennessee:

  1. One of the eight states in the union without an income tax is Tennessee.
  2. Tennessee has some of the lowest property taxes in the country for homes with median price.
  3. If you ever had the chance to go through Tennessee you have probably seen the breadmaking scenery from your car window.
  4. Tennessee is among the states with affordable costs of living. This state can be hospitable and inexpensive if you have a big family or a lot of extra expenses.
  5. Tennessee promise is a program that offers both financial aid for higher education and mentoring.
  6. If you are considering relocating to Tennessee. Your priorities are a low cost of living, entertaining activities, and warm winters. Tennessee is an excellent place to live.
  7. In general unemployment rate are relatively low.
  8. Tennessee you can watch professional sports.
  9. If you live in Tennessee you can explore thousands of caves.
  10. In Tennessee, the fall foliage is really stunning.
  11. It is possible that you can benefit from the Tennessee promise program. Tennessee provides a competitive standard of living.
  12. Despite the fact that this state is well renowned for its contribution to music, agriculture, and alcohol, you will find that it also has a strong literary tradition.
  13. You will rediscover your love for music thanks to Tennessee.
  14. A neighborhood coffee shop can b found in practically every town.
  15. In addition to the whiskey you can buy at the store, Tennessee residents can also purchase alcoholic beverages there.

Cons of living in Tennessee:

  1. Living in Tennessee will be difficult for you if you want summertime temps that feel like you are spending the day at the beach.
  2. Tennessee’s neighborhood should be concerned about gang violence.
  3. The barbeque in Tennessee is not for the faint of heart.
  4. It can be difficult to meet new people when you live in this state.
  5. The possibility of severe weather in Tennessee must be considered.
  6. Tennessee cities growth rate can be difficult as well.
  7. Even if there are public transit options in cities, if you need to get someplace in a decent amount of time, you should have a car.

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