Pros and cons of living in New York

New york city is the place to go if you are seeking your big break or simply a comfortable office job in a high-rise skyscraper. Due to its abundance of employment prospects and booming economic sectors, the US. news assigns new york city a job market index score of 7 out of 10. Let us decide whether living in new york is the appropriate place for you. You can check the pros and cons of living in New York in this article.

Pros of living in New York:

  1. Numerous professional options are available, including positions in finance, fashion, modeling, advertising, public relations, and marketing.
  2. New York is an excellent place to visit if you like to spot celebrities.
  3. Culture and history are all around you.
  4. All around you renowned museums and recognizable structures.
  5. Most regions of the city are now typically rather safe, unlike the gloomy 1980s and 1990s when the crime was rampant.
  6. One of the most exquisite urban parks in the entire world, the central park offers breathtaking panoramas in all directions.
  7. You may find many free events to attend if you are socially connected, like free concerts, parties with open bars, and art openings that include refreshments.

Cons of living in New York:

  1. Competition for jobs is huge.
  2. Newyork is ranked sixth on the list of most expensive cities in the world, according to a BBC analysis.
  3. Public transport is not always smooth. Bus, taxes, and subways all experience delays and repair due to traffic.
  4. Newyork is home to almost 8.5 million people, all of who are constantly at work. This implies that wherever you are people will be coming and going.
  5. Winter can be extremely chilly. The summer months may be very warm and humid. There are many US cities with considerably better weather than this one.
  6. The city is the top US target for terrorists.
  7. You will need to have thick skin, if you are easily offended by impolite or combative behavior, you won’t make it.
  8. There are many homeless persons, addicts, and those with mental illnesses roaming the streets.
  9. Apartment in new york city is infamous for having expensive rent and limited square footage.

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