Pros and cons of living in California

One of the most coveted states to live in is the golden state. Whether you are thinking of moving to California in search of employment. Alternatively, consider retirement in California, you must receive clarification on your inquires. Let us decide whether living in California is the appropriate place for you. You can check the pros and cons of living in California in this article.

Pros of living in California:

    1. There are so many outstanding colleges and programs for higher education in California.
    2. California boasts excellent educational facilities for your youngster in addition to being a center for IT businesses.
    3. The fact that California generates significant agricultural products on which the entire nation depends is one of the best things about living there.
    4. California has paved a new path for wildlife and a robust ecology. In California, solar panels are installed the top 80% of homes.
    5. The state of California has committed significantly to an initiative to control recycling and raise public understanding of climate change.
    6. Many start-up businesses that are highly influential in the business and technology sectors are concentrated in California.
    7. If you enjoy outdoor recreational activities like running, biking, surfing, longboarding, or rollerblading, the state of California has a variety of parks and facilities for you to choose from.
    8. California has wonderful weather, more especially, a lot of suns, and a constant, comfortable temperature, easily in the urban areas.

Cons of living in California:

  1. Unfortunately, as compared to other US states, the golden state has a higher than average cost of living, as was covered in depth above.
  2. Unfortunately, pollution is out of control in the state of California.
  3. California has greater state and local taxes than other US states.
  4. Transit options in California include buses, ferries, trains, and subways. However, a lot of people in California opt to drive themselves everywhere instead of using the expensive and sluggish public transportation system.
  5. As was already established, California has greater state and local taxes than other US states.

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