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Features of augmented reality | Key facts of AR

Some points on the features of augmented reality are as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of augmented reality to know more about it.

Some points on key features of augmented reality are: 

  1. 3D views of buildings and amenities with AR with real-time 3D rendering, adding all the landscaping animation, colour, and textures.
  2. 3D floor plan with AR.
  3. Showing property location on a map.
  4. Robust interactivity.
  5. A technology of capability of linking augmented content to practically anything.
  6. In this reality, users can directly call the sales office from the app.
  7. Users can directly visit the website of the developer or project from the direct app.
  8. Floor plans, image or video gallery, location, and several other details.
  9. It is also a measurable return on investment.
  10. Probability and mobile also on the go applications.

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