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Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency

Before we discuss the advantages of cryptocurrency you must know what is a cryptocurrency and its purpose. Cryptocurrency is a digital coin that is not authorized by the government to work as a medium of exchange. This currency using strong cryptography to secure online transactions and online shopping. There are many trading platforms available for cryptocurrency. The first cryptocurrency was released in 2009 named Bitcoin. Recently, American social media company Facebook released a cryptocurrency named Libra. For a better understanding of cryptocurrency, you can clear your mind about the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency.

Advantages of cryptocurrency:

  1. The ability to send money anywhere to anyone is in a matter of minutes. In addition, It is very fast and easy to use.
  2. Cheaper than other monetary transactions like PayPal and Payoneer.
  3. Fully secure transactions. Your details are fully safe. In addition, it has an immutable property.
  4. Everyone can see each transaction known as peer to peer transactions.
  5. No boundaries for transactions.
  6. Low operation cost.
  7. It is very fast, easy ad cheap to use.
  8. No boudries for trasaction.
  9. Use of complex algorithms.
  10. Universal accessibility.
  11. Peer to peer transactions and everyone can see each transaction.
  12. Your details are fully safe.
  13. Speed of exchange.
  14. Maintenance of anonymity.
  15. No inflation.
  16. There is no third party involvement.
  17. Very few transaction fees.
  18. It is cheaper than other monetary transactions like PayPal, Payoneer, etc
  19. You can do an unlimited transaction.
  20. Every transaction is recorded on a blockchain. In addition, It keeps the information about everything.
  21. You are able to create an infinite number of wallets without reference to a name, address, or any other information. This is the main benefit of investing in cryptocurrency.
  22. There is no possibility of the development of the inflation in the system.
  23. No government regulation or anything can stop or influence such independent cryptocurrency. The only thing the government can do is restring the conversion of cryptocurrency to normal currency.
  24. The use of cryptocurrency can abruptly reduce the risk of fraud, the disruption of data, and personal financial details as happened with credit and debit cards.
  25. The possibility of investment funds in a transparent and profitable resource. For that, you should know cryptocurrency trading its application and use.
  26. Value has been hiking since 2010.

Disadvantages of cryptocurrency:

  1. Open themselves to the hacker because of lack of knowledge.
  2. The biggest concern is the problem with scaling that is posed.
  3. Cryptocurrency will be subjected to cybersecurity breaches. Therefore, it may fall into the hands of a hacker.
  4. The practical disadvantage is its highly volatile nature. Almost all ups and downs depend directly on the declared statements of the governments of different countries.
  5. There is no legal formal entity guaranty in case of bankruptcy so the risk is very high.
  6. Not acceptable in countries and online websites yet. In addition, very few countries have legalized the use of cryptocurrency.
  7. There is no way to refund the amount that you paid.
  8. Payment is not reversible.
  9. Use of complx techiques. In addition, scaling issues are created.
  10. Highly volatile in nature.
  11. Not all websites accept these digital currencies, only a few websites.
  12. If you lose your wallet, there is no way to recover it back.
  13. It may not be exchanged with fiat currency.
  14. Lack of awareness ad knowledge.
  15. It is a new age currency and based on quite complicated blockchain technology. In addition, it can be difficult to understand.
  16. If a user forgets a cryptocurrency password, it is not possible to revive lost data because of tight security encrypted blockchain integration.

Basically, there are only two countries that are using cryptocurrency in advance mode Switzerland and Singapore. Slowly and steadily it is consolidating its position in the world economy. However, this digital currency is being counted as one of the uses of financial transactions for the near future, so it is important to know its pros and cons. These all are about the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency. As knowledge about advantages will help you to utilize its best leverage. The knowledge about the disadvantages will help you to stay away from the pitfalls.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding our article on the advantages and disadvantages of Cryptocurrency then do comment in the comment section below.

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