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Advantages and disadvantages of natural language processing

Natural language processing is the interpretation of a human by a machine. All languages have grammatical and semantic rules. However exception exists, The same, if it is complicated for a person who speaks English, for example, to understand Spanish, it is complicated for machine well. This where machine learning comes into play as a tool that helps to solve this particular problem. So here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of natural language processing to better understand this topic.

Pros or Advantages of NLP:

  1. NLP system offers exact answers to the questions, no unnecessary or unwanted some information.
  2. The accuracy of the answer increases with the amount of relevant information provided in the questions.
  3. Structuring a high unstructured data source.
  4. Users can ask questions about any subject and get a direct response in seconds.
  5. It is easy to implement.
  6. Using a program is less costly than hiring a person. A person can take two or three times longer than a machine to execute the tasks mentioned.
  7. NLP system provides answers to the questions in natural language.
  8. Allow you to perform more language-based data compares to a human being without fatigue and in an unbiased and consistent way.
  9. NLP process help computer communicate with a human in their language and scales other language-related tasks.
  10. It is a faster customer service response time.

Cons or Disadvantages of NLP:

  1. NLP system doesn’t have a user interface that lacks features that allow users to further interact with the system.
  2. If it is necessary to develop a model with a new one without using a pre-trained model, it can take a week to achieve a good performance depending o the amount of data.
  3. The system is built for a single and specific task only, it is unable to adapt to new domains and problems because of limited functions.
  4. In complex query language, the system may not be able to provide the correct answer it a question that is poorly worded or ambiguous.
  5. It is not 100% reliable, It is never 100% dependable. There is the possibility of error in its prediction and results.

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